Defective Products

Why Hire a Defective Products Attorney

What Is A Product Liability?

This refers to when a manufacturer, producer or seller, is being held accountable for placing a defective product into the hands of an end user eventually causing a defective product injury. Below are two cases.

Imagine one morning you are from the shower drying your hair before heading to work, and suddenly you get shocked. The hair dryer is still stuck in your hand no matter how much you try to let go. Next thing, you wake up in a hospital bed after being electrocuted. Case two, you gift your toddler a couple of colorful wooden blocks to play with, but a few weeks later you notice the baby isn’t acting all normal. So you rush the baby to the hospital only to be told he or she is suffering from lead poisoning. After a few investigations and tests, you find out that the root cause of the lead poisoning is the paint that has been chipping off the playing blocks.

All the above mentioned, are examples of situations that you should hire a defective product attorney. Other typical examples of defective products or product liability cases include pharmaceuticals, healthcare or beauty care products that cause severe effects, poorly designed automobiles, motorcycles and trucks, and other hazardous children’s accessories and toys and even unsafe power tools.

Why should I hire a defective product attorney?

Expertise Guidance And Help

Product liability cases get tricky if the affected one cannot prove that the exact injury was as a result of using the said product. Also, an injury can be caused by failure to use the product correctly. If you are handling the case on your own, you may find it hard to navigate through the law and actually sue successfully. However, hiring a product liability attorney elevates you to a better position when handling these kinds of cases. At Gray Broughton Injury Law, our attorneys are well versed in the laws and regulations that protect the end users against harm caused by defective products.

Determine If The Case Is Worth Pursuing

Many cases are disqualified if the affected person was found to be using a defective product even after finding out about its defects. These are the type of strong stands the manufacturer can utilize on and make a win out of. Knowing whether or not you have a strong case against a product liability case can easily be determined by a defective product attorney. Otherwise, taking the fight on your own keeps you in the spotlight where the manufacturer will utilize your weak points to win the case.

Better Equipped

Unlike a regular person who has recently suffered from a defective product injury, a defective product attorney is better placed to investigate and advise accordingly owing to the fact that he or she interacts with the law now and then. These attorneys have handled hundreds of cases and are more likely to get you through the journey and even negotiate on better compensation for you if you win the case. Also, their relationships with investigative experts and other attorneys give them the ability to examine every detail of your situation and come up with a valid analysis to win you the case. By hiring a defective product attorney, you get to empower yourself before the law and against the manufacturer.

Keep You In The Know

A defective product attorney is well adverse to the law. He or she knows when the law changes and what are the law’s guidelines. For example, the affected person has a certain amount of time in which he or she is required to take action against the liable party or forever maintain peace. This law is known as the statute of limitations. The limit begins when the damage occurs or when the victim becomes aware of the damage. The period taken for the claim limit to expire varies from state to state. For this reason, you need a defective product attorney to take you through the law. In the case where one files an injury claim after the statute of limitations has ended, the judge will likely dismiss your case.

Help Protect The General Public

You are probably not the only one injured by the product. Filing a claim helps publicize to other unknowing users about the possible defects of the products. This helps more people affected by the same product to come out in the open and join the force against the distribution of the said products. Sometimes it may be frightening, facing a large corporation on your own. However, you will feel safer if you have more affected parties joining the force. It even helps build a stronger case against the liable party. If you win the case and the manufacturers are forced to rectify their products you will eventually protect potential users from suffering a similar fate. The law will always protect you when you have an experienced attorney beside you.