Elder Abuse

Why Hire an Elder Abuse Attorney

Why Hire an Elder Abuse Attorney

Old age is normally regarded to be a blessing. While you would expect the elderly to be treated with the uttermost respect, there are numerous cases of these aged people being abused. It is estimated that over half a million elderly people suffer from abuse and neglect every year. The number is even higher when unreported cases are considered. It is important to pursue justice for these elderly persons, and the help of an elder abuse attorney usually comes in handy in such situations. Gray Broughton Injury Law explains why you actually need an elder abuse attorney.

1.    An elder abuse attorney is experienced

One of the main reasons why you need an elder abuse attorney is the fact that they are experienced and have knowledge of how best to handle elder abuse cases. The knowledge and the experience will help them provide you with the best advice as to which legal action is the most suitable to take to ensure justice and the safety of your loved ones.

2.    Collection of necessary evidence

One of the most difficult things to do when handling elder abuse cases is obtaining evidence to prove that the abuse claims are true. This makes it difficult to win in a court, especially given the fact that most elderly persons may not be able to stand as witnesses and testify. An experienced elder attorney has the necessary resources and effective tactics they use to obtain admissible evidence for your case.

3.    Knowledge of elder abuse laws

Every state has their elder abuse and neglect laws that have to be adhered to. An ordinary person may not be conversant with these laws, yet they are important in arguing out a case and ensuring that the rights of an elderly person are not violated.

4.    Negotiation skills for the claim

The best person to advise you on the most appropriate settlement figures is the elder abuse attorney. They will analyze the evidence and the dynamics of the case and offer a settlement offer that they think is the most appropriate for your loved one. This will help avoid you being bullied into accepting settlement offers that are much lower than what your loved one is entitled to.

5.    Help in pursuing legal action in court

While it is possible to settle the dispute fast and easily, sometimes the negotiation process fails hence calling for the claim to be forwarded to a court of law. The court process is a bit challenging, especially if you do not know what to do. The good thing about having a lawyer is that they can easily navigate the court process and ensure that the case runs smoothly and possibly in your favor.

Also, courts usually follow strict timelines. It can be quite difficult to adhere to these times if you still have to pay attention to your elderly loved one. Having an attorney gives you the advantage of having the attorney handle the case while giving you ample time to spend and console your loved one for the abuse they have been through.

6.    Exhaust all avenues for compensation

While the main party may agree to the compensation terms, there may be other avenues that could be pursued to have your loved one receive more compensation. Given that an elder abuse attorney is knowledgeable about such cases, they can get the best advice and commence pursuing such avenues if they exist. This can offer you more relief by allowing you to take further measures that will ensure the safety and comfort of your elderly loved one.

7.    Increase chances of getting compensated

The truth of the matter is that settlement cases are not easy. With the elderly, it is even harder given the fact that they may not be able to defend themselves through the process it may not be easy to get witnesses. Also, getting evidence to support an abuse case can be quite a headache hence it can be hard to win. However, with an attorney, you can obtain evidence that will strengthen your case. Also, their knowledge of the settlement process gives you some advantage and hope.

8.    Get expert advice on financial abuse 

Other than physical and emotional abuse, there is the case of financial abuse. This is where people or credit card companies take advantage of the elderly by soliciting money from them using unfair means. Most of the elderly persons usually have their money saved up for their children and their grandchildren to guarantee them financial stability. Defrauding such individuals could lead to the elderly losing their life savings.

An elder abuse attorney can be helpful in such situations to ensure that any money that your elderly loved one may have lost through the hands of such individuals is recovered and that the persons responsible are prosecuted.

Elderly persons are an integral part of the society and they ought to be accorded the uttermost respect. Having an elder abuse attorney goes a long way in ensuring that they get justice in case of abuse and, also, guarantee their protection against such abuse in future.