Premises Liability

Why Hire a Premises Liability Attorney

Accidents can occur at any given moment in time, but if the accident is due to negligence by a property owner that leads you to suffer devastating injuries, that could be grounds for you to file a premises liability case. Some injuries like spinal damage, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries and bone fractures can be quite expensive to treat. It is necessary to hold the owner of the premises liable for their negligence and get the compensation you deserve. Gray Broughton Injury Law, is experienced in such cases and advocates for the hiring of a premises liability attorney. Here are the reasons why:

1.    An attorney will help you understand your rights

Owners of property and some insurance companies usually take advantage of naïve people to settle cases by compensating the affected persons with too little. It is very important for one to know what their rights are to avoid being taken for a ride. Having an attorney is advantageous in the sense that they are knowledgeable of your rights and cannot allow them to be violated. If you will be presented with an offer that your attorney thinks is too little, they can negotiate a higher settlement offer or pursue other litigation avenues.

2.    Identifying all parties involved in your case

To ensure that all the evidence is attained, an effective attorney will ensure that they have identified all the parties involved in the case. Identifying all the parties can easily help to obtain witnesses and make it easier to spot the actual parties responsible for the injuries you obtained. With these, the case tilts to your favor.

3.    Investigate your claim

A premises liability attorney has the resources, and the knowledge of how to pursue cases such as yours and hence are the best persons to investigate your case. The investigation involves getting your accident report, your medical report, relevant photographs for the case, business surveillance tapes, and any other material that may be crucial for your claim case. The investigation is crucial in proving that it is the property owner’s mistake that resulted in your injuries.

4.    Hiring expert witnesses

In most cases for premises liability, there is usually need to hire expert witnesses such as a doctor or a physician to prove the extents of your injury. There may, also, be need for them to hire reconstruction experts, flooring experts, and vocational rehabilitation therapists just to strengthen your case. An experienced attorney should have a network of such individuals whom they can turn to for help. 

5.    Asking the rights questions

Other than having all the parties involved in the case and the expert witnesses, it is important to know the kind of questions to ask them that will make your case stronger. The truth about your case can only come out if the right questions are asked. An effective attorney knows how best to ask questions based on the evidence available.

6.    Negotiation of settlement

Your attorney can spearhead the settlement negotiations to press for a settlement offer. The settlement demand is based on the evidence available and having an attorney will help present a reasonable demand. A skilled premises liability attorney is knowledgeable of the law and the tactics of insurance companies, and they’ll use them to your advantage. A lawyer is usually in the best position to negotiate for a settlement that will cover your injuries and compensate you for your suffering.

7.    Filing a lawsuit

If the owner of the business and the insurance company fail to agree on the settlement for your claim, your premises liability attorney can file a lawsuit and move the case to a court. A good attorney is one who has vast experience in litigation claims hence should be able to navigate the process smoothly. Premises liability cases are known to be quite long and complex. It requires the input of a knowledgeable attorney to make sure the case takes the shortest time possible and that the jury rules in your favor.

8.    Resolving Insurance disputes

Filing your insurance claims and pursuing them can be quite rough. Insurance companies always aim to spend the least amount of money possible on settlement claims. They will find the slightest of reasons to reject a claim and capitalize on that to ensure that they pay little or no compensation to the victim. Having an attorney is advantageous as they will ensure the insurance companies pay you what you deserve. In case you had filed your insurance claim and it was rejected, the attorney can file an appeal.

9.    Exhaust all avenues for compensation

In the event that it is possible to get compensation from more than one party, your attorney will ensure that all these avenues are exhausted and that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Settlement cases tend to be tough and rough. Having a premises liability attorney will ensure that you get the best legal representation that will result in you being compensated. Additionally, the attorney will pursue the case on your behalf allowing you to recuperate peacefully.